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Pre Seed Lubricant Special Offer Exp December 23

Pre Seed Lubricant Special Offer Exp December 23

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The special offer price of £12.99 on the Pre Seed Lubricant is because the expiry date is short December 23

Pre Seed Lubricant

Pre Seed lubricant is a type of personal lubricant that is specifically designed for couples trying to conceive. It is formulated to mimic the natural lubrication produced by a woman's body, making it safe for sperm to travel through. This type of lubricant is often used during intercourse to help increase the chances of getting pregnant.

The key feature of Pre-Seed fertility lubricant are:

  • Pre-seed lubricant is for use when you are trying to get pregnant
  • Clinically shown to be a fertility-friendly and sperm-friendly lubricant
  • Helps support sperm quality
  • Mimics your own fertile fluids 

Pre-Seed lubricant pack contents are :

  • A 40g tube of Pre-Seed lubricant
  • 9 single-use applicators that you fill with as much or as little Pre-Seed lube as you wish to use
  • Instructions on how to use Pre-Seed lubricant to maximize your chances of conception.

      How to use PreSeed lubricant effectively to aid conception

      • Pre-Seed can best mimic natural secretions when applied intra-vaginally.
      • You choose the amount of Pre-Seed lubricant you want to apply internally.
      • Pre Seed lubricant can also be applied externally to either partner and can be used for foreplay.
      • Apply the vaginal applicator containing the Pre-Seed lubricant no more than 30 minutes prior to intercourse.
      • Each Pre-Seed applicator is single-use and should be disposed of after use.

      Pre-Seed reviews

      "I would highly recommend Pre-seed to anyone that is trying to conceive, as I truly believe it worked for me! We had been trying to conceive for nearly a year when I came across Pre-seed on this site. I had read good reviews about the product and thought it was worth a try. I’m so glad I brought it as I fell pregnant during my first cycle using the product! We are now ready for our second baby and are trying to conceive. Fingers crossed second time round!"

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