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FertilityScore 2 Male Fertility Test Kit Wholesale

FertilityScore 2 Male Fertility Test Kit Wholesale

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Wholesale FertilityScore Home Male Fertility Sperm Test Kit-2 test kit

  • Fertilityscore is Europe’s leading point of care home male fertility test kit and is available wholesale
  • Fertilityscore is the only male fertility test kit to screening for both motility and sperm count in the complete ejaculate
  • Each retail pack contains kit to complete 2 sperm sample analyses, ideally conducted with a 7 day interval.
  • These trade outers of 28 or 112 retail packs of Fertilityscore are supplied from stock with 12 EU language instruction insert.
  • Fertilityscore is packaged for OTC and online sales
  • Each Fertilityscore 2 test kit pack is boxed, cellophane wrapped and contains full set of instructions for performing the male fertility test at home.
  • Fertilityscore now available to buy in bulk and wholesale volumes for NHS clinics, fertility centres, hospitals, GP’s, resellers, pharmacies and private healthcare providers.
  • Access Diagnostics is the official UK appointed distributor for Fertilityscore male fertility test.

Why buy FertilityScore male fertility test kit in bulk from us:

  • UK official appointed distributor for Fertilityscore male fertility test
  • Great price on just 1 shipper of Fertilityscore
  • Fast UK delivery as stock held in UK warehouse
  • FREE UK courier delivery next business day
  • Professional medical suppliers
  • Long shelf life as we are a leading UK supplier
  • Expert product support as we have been distributing Fertilityscore for over 10 years 

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